(English) Flann O’Brien, “The Third Policeman”

If ever you grow tired of pondering life’s miracles, read Flann O’Brien’s “The Third Policeman” (written 1939-1940; first published post-humously in 1966). It’ll re-instill in you an inexhaustable trust in the absurdity of being!

“Never before had I believed or suspected that I had a soul but just then I knew I had. I knew also that my soul was friendly, was my senior in years and was solely concerned for my own welfare. For convenience I called him Joe. I felt a little reassured to know that I was not altogether alone. Joe was helping me.”
Flann O’Brien, The Third Policeman

Flann O’Brien was one of the pseudonyms of Brian O’Nolan (Irish: Brian Ó Nualláin; 5 October 1911 – 1 April 1966)

For a lot of exquisite & hilarious quotes from the novel, see here.

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