(English) re-mapping the body

“re-mapping the body” was a dance performance which I saw on 9 July 2014 at the DH 2014 in Lausanne. The show was a performance by Company Linga, with choreography by Kataryna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo. I found this a very moving expression of how the human body interacts not only with the topographical space around it, but also with the soundspace in which our doings are embedded. This Facebook clip shows a solo piece danced by Ai Koyama.

Introductory comments in the clip are taken from the announcement on the DH 2014 conference website –  for the full credentials (including photography) please visit   http://dh2014.org/affiliated-events/re-mapping-the-body/

To watch the clip in high resolution, please click the image below. Please note: the mp4 file is 100 MB, so it will take some time to download.

©gert weigelt

For more information see www.linga.ch / +41 21 721 36 03 / info@linga.ch

Many thanks to the local DH 2014 organizers Claire Clivaz and Frederic Kaplan for this wonderful addition to an enriching academic programme!

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