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Three-dimensional Dynamic Data Visualization and Exploration for Digital Humanities Research

Physically visualizing data empowers human cognitive processes and enables us to see what might not otherwise be seen when reviewing more traditional representations.
(Chavez 2012:3)

Project outline

3DH is a 3-year pilot project for the preparation of a larger research co-operation in a second phase. 3DH focuses on the dynamic visualization and exploration of Humanities data from a DH perspective, and with particular emphasis on 3D-visualizations. The major goals for the pilot phase are (a) to establish a methodological and theoretical orientation as well as to develop prototypes of visualization tools as demonstrators, and to (b) prepare and submit a funding appliaction for phase 2. Potential funding opportunities include HORIZON 2020-REFLECTIVE 7 as well as the DFG/NEH Bi-lateral Digital Humanities Programme. 3DH phase one is financed for 3 years by a grant provided by Hamburg’s Ministery for Science and Research, starting in 2016.

Project start

The 3DH project has officially commenced on 1 February 2016 – for ongoing documentation, please visit the project website. During the Summer semester 2016 (April through July) we will have two distinguished visiting professors and visualization experts with us:

  • Prof. Johanna Drucker, UCLA – https://gseis.ucla.edu/directory/johanna-drucker/
  • Prof. Geoffrey Rockwell, University of Alberta / Canada – http://geoffreyrockwell.com/

Welcome to Hamburg, Johanna and Geoffrey – we’re very excited about this cooperation!

Also, during the Summer semester 2016 the 3DH project is loosely coordinated with a public lecture series at Hamburg University on “Dynamic Data Visualization in the Humanities”, commencing on 7 April 2016 (Thursdays 16-18:00 in ESA J – Code 52-125).

Furthermore, 3DH will also create and use synergies with my seminar II titled “Distant reading‘ und Datenvisualisierung” (Mondays 10-12 am – Code 52-241)


Project team 2016

  • Prof. Jan Christoph Meister – PI and project leader
  • Marco Petris, Dipl. Inf. – RA
  • Rabea Kleymann, MA – RA
  • Jana Berens – Student Assistant
  • Prof. Johanna Drucker (visiting professor Summer 2016)
  • Prof. Geoffrey Rockwell (visiting professor Summer 2016)