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I have been responsible for the design, financing and implementation of the following e-learning and e-science projects, either as project leader or in my capacity as e-learning officer for the Faculty of the Humanities:

  • AGORA. eLearning/eScience platform of the Faculty of the Humanities at the University of Hamburg. – Work on AGORA commenced in 2008. The platform (whose technological base is CommSy) has meanwhile developed into the back bone of e-learning activity in our Faculty and is deployed  in over 80% of its courses and lectures, thus supporting some 9.000 active users per semester. Status: Ongoing. Project team: Silke Lahn M.A., Dr. Stephanie Neu (until 2/2013). Financed by University of Hamburg.
  • NarrNetz. An intermedial blended learning BA-modul in narratology. Status: Concluded in 2007; minor revisions are ongoing. Project team: Thorben Korpel, Birte Lönneker, Cornelia Ehlers (2005), Christina Grimm (from 2006). Financed by the ELCH-Konsortium Hamburg. – NarrNetz is regularly used as an intrroduction to intermedial narratology at Hamburg University and abroad (an English version was developed with the help of the University of Southern Denmark).
  • Grundkurs Narratologie (Studies in Narrative Formations I). Design and implementation: Silke Lahn, M.A. Status: finalized in 2004. Financed by the Department of Languages and Literatures.
  • C-Phil Online. An introductory e-Learning course in computer philology. Design and implementation: Dr. Birte Lönneker. Status: Finalized in 2002.