TempusMarker v.1.07 for Windows is  available for download here.

The following series of screenshots gives a brief introduction to the TempusMarker software. Please refer to the user instructions in the right hand text box on the GUI. Note that the below screenshots are based on version 1.0, the current version 1.07 includes further semi-automatic parsing routines and a slightly altered GUI.

Step 1: pre-processing mode

Step 2: Post-processing mode

Step 3: Analysis of data and visualization with TempusParser/TempusPlotter

Once markup data is available this will be analysed with TempusParser. One of the ways to visualize the results which we are currently exploring is that of the rockface model, subsequently replaced by our TempusPlotter. For further details please click here; you may also want to read the publication Tagging Time in Prolog. The Temporality Effect project.