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It’s great to work in an inspiring team – and I am very fortunate to have had these highly motivated and reliable young colleagues around me (left to right) :

JCM Research team 2015

Dr. Anna Busch (DARIAH DE: 2015-2016)

Jacek Grondziel, Media Science dipl. (eFoto Hamburg: 2014-2018)

Janina Jacke, MA (heureCLÉA: 2013-2016; forTEXT: 2017-2020)

Rabea Kleymann, MA (eFoto Hamburg: 2014-2018; 3DH: 2016-2018)

Silke Lahn, MA (eLearning Faculty of Arts)

Marco Petris, CompSc. dipl. (CATMA: 2008 ff; heureCLÉA: 2013-2016; 3DH: 2016-2018; forTEXT: 2017-2020)

Mareike Höckendorff, MA (eFoto Hamburg: 2014-2018, DARIAH DE: 2015-2016)

Dr. Evelyn Gius (CATMA: 2008 ff; heureCLÉA: 2013-2016; forTEXT: 2017)

Missing on the picture: Christian Bruck (forTEXT: 2017-2020)

Jan-Eric Stange (3DH: 2017-2018)

Thanks for helping to make things happen!