Team 2010-2016

Nothing beats working with a highly motivated and creative team – and I count myself extremely lucky in this regard. Here are some of the highly competent assistants and student helpers who I relied upon in various projects from 2010-2016.


Project teams Narratology, AGORA and Digital Humanities

Standing in the back row are (left to right) Dr.Wilhelm Schernus, Dr. Stephanie Neu, Lisa Grünhage (meanwhile employed as a teacher at a Hamburg school) and Silke Lahn M.A., who supported me in the projects living handbook of narratologyInterdisciplinary Centre for Narratology (ICN) and AGORA. In the front row are Marco Petris Dipl. Comp.Sc., Lena Schüch MA and Dr. Evelyn Gius who were part of the CATMA, CLÉA und DCI/EXPLOIT teams.

From 2013 onward this team, with Janina Jacke as a new member, concentrated on the heureCLÉA project (funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research). Together with our project partners at Heidelberg University, lead by Prof. Michael Gertz, we will investigate the possibility to augment manual and collaborative text annotation procedures through automated markup processes based on a machine learning approach.

Conference team DH 2012 and DHd UnConference This is the team that helped me to organize the international conference Digital Humanities 2012 which took place at Hamburg University 16-22. July 2012, together with the UnConference DHD, i.e. the founding conference for the German association Digital Humanities in the German speaking region (DHd): Imke Borchers, Mareike Höckendorff, Stefanie Korn, Katrin Schönert, Peer Bolten, Marco Petris and Lena Schüch. As you can see we were still in good spirits despite having to deal with two major events at the same time! Special thanks are owed to Katrin, my competent conference assistant who was responsible for overall coordination.