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Current development project

CATMA/CLÉA is a general purpose markup and text analysis tool, available as a desktop application for Mac und Windows PC (up to version 3.0 / 2011) and more lately as a web enabled, browser based application for collaborative annotation of texts and corpora.

Past developments

The main theoretical contexts – i.e., action philosophy and narratological theory of action – that form the background of the following two applications are discussed in detail in my book  Computing Action. A Narratological Approach, Berlin und New York (de Gruyter) 2003.

  • EventMarker is a markup tool for identifying and semantically annotating narrated (diegetic) events in narrative texts.  The application was developed as part of the Computing Action-project.
  • EpiTest is a program that analyses the possibility to construe complex action sequences on the basis of elementary events that were annotated using EventMarker. The application was developed as part of the Computing Action-project.

The following three applications were developed in the context of the Temporality Effect project:

  • TempusMarker  is an annotation tool for the markup of time expressions and time operators which allow us, the readers of these texts, to build the mental construct of an ordered time structure that organizes a represented world, and/or the representational acts itself.
  • TempusParser is a theoretical workflow model for a logic algorithm that processes tagged time information.
  • TempusPlotter models and visualizes time structures represents that are generated on the basis of tagged time expressions and time operators.